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Since 2006, patients at Santé Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare have come to know and expect a different health care experience.

In February 2006, Dr. Dhruv Agneshwar opened Santé Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare with the goal of establishing a practice known for delivering quality care in a comfortable atmosphere and taking care of all of a woman’s health care needs.

Several members of his former staff joined him to create a seamless transition into the new practice. In November of 2007, Dr. Agneshwar and his team opened the new and current office location at 355 Main Street in Johnson City, across the street from the Wilson Regional Medical Center campus.

The new facility provides more space, more parking, and more services.

Office Building

We believe that the comfortable and welcoming environment reflects the personal and quality care each patient receives. Many of our patients have described our office as a more like a boutique than a doctor’s office. We want people to be as relaxed as possible when coming to see us and we believe the atmosphere of our office helps with that.

Patients are more than just a name or a face, they are unique individuals and are treated like a part of our family. We get to know each one individually including their medical history, their likes and dislikes and their fears.

Not only does the staff get to know each of the patients, but so does Dr. Agneshwar because he oversees all his patients personally. He or a member of his staff is available for your obstetrics and gynecology needs. His reputation in the community is second to none.

Office Building

Our patients enjoy their experience with us and feel comfortable enough with us that they are willing refer their friends to see what makes us stand out from the rest.

As our name suggests, patients can receive a variety of care from Santé Comprehensive Women’s Health.

We are there for every step of the way in a woman’s pregnancy from helping with infertility treatments, to monthly and weekly appointments to delivery in the hospital. We do in-house ultrasounds, including the new 4D ultrasounds which allows us to see your baby in even more details. Dr. Agneshwar delivers more than 300 babies a year and is present for over 95% of his patient’s deliveries.

Office Building

We also offer gynecology services for women of all ages and would like to assure you that we offer the best resources with technological advancements to meet all your OB/GYN needs. Among other things, we can help you choosing the right birth control, deal with bladder issues, breast care, and help you as you go through menopause.

Dr. Agneshwar can perform minimally invasive procedures including urinary incontinence and laparoscopic. These procedures have minimal scarring and shorter recovery time, and most times don’t require an overnight stay in the hospital.

When our patients have medical testing done, we understand it may be a stressful time as you wait for results. At Santé, we believe in notifying our patients of all test results in a timely manner to eliminate unnecessary worry or waiting and to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Office Building

At Santé Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare, we take a direct approach to a woman’s health care, and we are here for our patients. Our providers have decades of experience. Our staff works hard to make sure our patients, whether it is their first visit, or they have been coming to us for years, feel comfortable from the time they walk in until the time they leave. It is this personal touch that sets us apart from the rest.

We take extraordinary pride in not only our quality care and the personal touch that we provide. We will be there for you, especially when you need us the most.

Santé Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare is always welcoming new patients. We work with all the major hospitals in the Greater Binghamton Community, and we accept most major insurance carriers.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to take care of you!

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